Satakunta region: diverse industry and significant industrial parks

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Did you know, that Satakunta is one of the most industry-heavy Finnish regions? The share of industry in its added value was 25% in 2013. Due to its history, Satakunta is a very open, export-oriented and international region with regard to its industrial operations. The terms of trade in the region are double the country's average. Finland and the world surely need Satakunta.

Satakunta has a strong, living industrial tradition, and also today, the basis of business life in the region is its diverse industry. All vital industrial sectors of Finnish national economy are strongly present in Satakunta, such as technology, engineering, metal, energy, food, and forestry industries. The diversity of the industrial sector has been an advantage to the Satakunta region and it also protects it against economic fluctuations and trends.

The nationally notable industrial parks located in Satakunta are Kupariteollisuuspuisto (Copper Industry Park) and M20 Industrial Park in Pori, Seaside Industry Park in Rauma, Suurteollisuuspuisto Industrial Park in Harjavalta, Agro-ecological Industrial Park of Kirkkokallio in Honkajoki, and the foodstuff business areas of Southern Satakunta. The growth of the region's export-oriented industry can also be seen in the development of Finland's national economy.

Industrial parks employ 8,000–9,000 people in Satakunta, and the companies located in the industrial parks have investment plans worth EUR 1.3 billion. The industrial parks offer an excellent innovation platform for improving industrial competitiveness and creating new solutions. Industrial parks and areas have been built on the basis of the common interests of their businesses, supported by land use plans and logistics. The parks have been created with the support of infrastructure on the basis of existing industry and industrial hubs and along excellent traffic connections. In the current industrial parks, the companies benefit from the shared operations by utilising efficiently the common infrastructure provided by the park. Growing synergy benefits can also be achieved in logistics, material stream management, procurements, subcontracting and suppliers as well as in support operations by utilising shared resources. To further develop industrial parks, optimising operational models further will be necessary, for example, with regard to the physical environment, the shared network of the companies' operational models, business opportunities and marketing. Innovation operations and product development are actions where major advantages could be achieved through shared pilots between industry and institutes of higher education.

The future prospects of industry in Satakunta have been reviewed in Teollisuusvisio 2020 (Industrial vision 2020) programme that was created through business-centered preparations based on an initiative by the Satakunta and Rauma Chambers of Commerce in 2013. The goals set in the programme were more productive interaction between the regional operators, strengthening the role of Satakunta industry in Finnish industrial policies, and strong independent reform of industrial companies. One of the key themes of the vision is "Steadier synergy and profit from industrial parks". The Satakunta Industrial Pilot is based on the views of the Teollisuusvisio 2020 programme and it implements its goals. The province has a shared view of the development needs and the government programme goals as well as a strong will to support the renewal of industry.

Success stories from Satakunta -articles give a versatile view on Satakunta region and its strengths. The main aims are pure vitality, people-oriented solutions and encouraging community.

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