West Finland’s expertise in digitalization is based on multisectoral co-operation that involves education and research organizations, municipalities, and the business sector. Our regions utilize novel technologies in industry and education. Different types of testing and piloting laboratories, such as Digitalization Academy in South Ostrobothnia, Technobotnia in Ostrobothnia and Robocoast in Satakunta, operate in West Finland. Solutions to cybersecurity threats are developed especially at Jyvsectec cybersecurity research, development and training center in Central Finland.


Digital innovation hub (DIH) Robocoast in Satakunta is a product development platform focusing on the modernization of industries and services. It brings together education and research organizations and businesses. There is diverse maritime knowledge in Satakunta as several maritime industries, such as shipyards and their subcontracting networks operate in the region. Logistics and maritime technology are developed in smart shipping technology test laboratory, ISTLAB. Satakunta’s maritime cluster is well known and its competence is constantly recognized in international education projects. Also, the digitalization of health and wellbeing services offer a growing number of opportunities for the region, including a Living lab focusing on user-based development of wellbeing technology.

Central Finland

Central Finland has expertise in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, communication, robotics, IoT and 3D printing. Internationally recognized cybersecurity innovation and competence center JYVSECTEC is located in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. Jyväskylä has been noted as the city of cyber security competence and a forerunner at the national and international level. Also digital experts are trained for the needs of businesses and society.


In Ostrobothnia, there is strong co-operation between companies and higher education facilities, especially regarding digitalization and automatization: Technobotnia laboratory focuses on IoT, robotics and 3D printing, Co-protolab is an environment for industrial service innovations and Digitalization Academy focuses on education for companies’ needs. Research projects, such as CR-DES, increase cybersecurity competence and information security is developed in projects including SecuBot. Ostrobothnia also invests in research and development of smart grids.

South Ostrobothnia

Agrotechnology combines South Ostrobothnia’s two focus areas, food systems and industrial technology. South Ostrobothnia’s key competences include digital manufacturing and industrial internet, in which South Ostrobothnia holds EPANET research professorship. Seinäjoki has a digital manufacturing and industrial internet learning ecosystem to support skills and education, testing, piloting and business development. The region also has a simulation and demonstration environment for health technology which uses artificial intelligence and robotics.