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Health and Wellbeing in West Finland

Health and welfare sector is one the fastest globally growing sectors. There is a worldwide demand for health technology applications and electronic health services. West Finland has substantial health technology skills in the region, and the stakeholders are keen on promoting international co-operation through their project activities. The regions of Satakunta, South Ostrobothnia, Central Finland, and Ostrobothnia focus on

- eHealth,

- Health technology (incl. robotics),

- Digitalization,

- Cybersecurity,

- Healthy ageing.


Health technology projects and ICT solutions

West Finland is an experienced project operator in health and wellbeing. South Ostrobothnia particularly has focused on health-related projects, and health has been highlighted in the region’s smart specialization strategy. The South Ostrobothnia Health Technology Development Centre (EPTEK), Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, and the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia are experienced partners and leaders in Interreg funded projects. They have amongst other things developed, together with local authorities and companies, technical solutions and remote services to the social and health care sector in the Connected for Health project. In the PrimCareIT project, the aim was to improve the attractiveness of remote primary healthcare organisations in sparsely populated areas, and to counteract the brain drain of personnel. These objectives were to be met by utilising ICT in healthcare personnel’s consultations, networking, and skills development.

Connected for healthPicture: Connected for Health project. Watch a video of the project here. Source: Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia.


EPTEK’s current projects include:

BalticCityPrevention, – Lifestyle related non-communicable diseases are a significant societal challenge in the Baltic Sea Region, and prevention and promotion of a healthy lifestyle are the most effective and cost-saving ways of tackling this challenge. BalticCityPrevention will develop and test a model that public health authorities can apply in prevention intervention planning. (Interreg BSR)

ProVaHealth – The main aim of the ProVaHealth project is to improve collaboration between health living labs in the Baltic Sea Region. This will provide health related SMEs with an easy access to living lab services and supports the market uptake operations of their new health products and services. (Interreg BSR)

Nordic Telemedicine Center (NTC) is an innovation project coordinated under EU’s Botnia Atlantica programme. The project is carried out by EPTEK and University of Vaasa in Finland, and Västerbotten County Council (project leader) and University of Umeå in Sweden. Project aims to establish a Nordic telemedicine competence centre in co-operation with the Finnish and Swedish partners. Competence centre’s physical contact points will be opened in Seinäjoki (Finland) and in Umeå (Sweden). Additionally, a virtual node will be built to connect the two countries. (Interreg BSR)

South Ostrobothnia was also the first Finnish region to become involved with the European eHealth for Regions network operations. The international co-operation activities of the network continue to increase.

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