Robocoast creates growth in Satakunta region

The region of Satakunta and coastal-Finland have an open R&D platform called Robocoast. It is a cluster focused on robotics, AI, IoT and automation technology, involving over a hundred local companies and educational institutions. The mission of Robocoast is to promote modernization of industry, chart partnerships, market the existing knowledge within the key areas of excellence and implement R&D projects.Robocoast is jointly managed by the business development company Prizztech Ltd and the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Robocoast R&D Center – Robotics Living Lab is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and it is part of the European Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) Network.

Robocoast has increased companies’ turnover by 25.9%. The success of the cluster is primarily due to its international excellence. Robocoast is internationally recognized: for instance, Robocoast has a development partner city in China, the City of Ningbo (Made in China 2025). Robocoast has also gained partnerships in Europe.


Photo credit: Tomi Glad, SAMK

To connect professionals and companies, Prizztech and Satakunta ELY Center (The Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Envinronment) have created a new Robocoast Recruitment campaign and service, in cooperation with the recruitment company Talent Center and a local employment agency. The aim of the campaign is to attract professionals from technical and industrial sectors as well as automation and programming fields.

Sources and more information:

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